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Memory Based Questions From Previous SET Examinations-Paper - 1

Teaching Aptitude

 1. Which of the following is the main objectiveof teaching?
(a) To give information related to the syllabus.
(b) To develop thinking power of students.
(c) To dictate notes to students.
(d) To prepare students to pass the examination.

2. Which one of the following is a good method of teaching?
(a) Lecture and Dictation
(b) Seminar and Project
(c) Seminar and Dictation
(d) Dictation and Assignment

3. Which of the following is not characteristic of a good question paper?
(a) Objectivity
(b) Subjectivity
(c) No use of vague words
(d) Reliable

4. Teacher uses teaching aids for
(a) Making teaching interesting.
(b) Making teaching within understanding level of students.
(c) Making students attentive.
(d) The sake of its use.

5. Effectiveness of teaching depends on
(a) Qualification of teacher.
(b) Personality of teacher.
(c) Handwriting of teacher.
(d) Subject understanding of teacher.

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