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If you are taking UGC NET SLET  examination you need a clear understanding of the syllabus. You should read the literature related to your PG specialization and constantly update your knowledge by reading all the latest developments in the field.

A good reading and writing ability is required to clear the examination. You also need to sharpen your memory skills.
Go through this site and find the syllabus and study materials you need. UGC does not allow previous year question papers to be made available to test takers. But you can see the sample questions that come with each syllabus. Our study materials are based on questions collected from students who have taken the previous year tests.

While filling in the form, double check (and triple check) that you have filled in the information correctly (especially the subject code and centre code) since you won't be able to change anything later on. Attach two copies of all the required certificates, Mark sheet of Masters Degree, Leaving Certificate (for birth date) and Caste Certificate, if required. Make sure they are attested. Sign on all the photographs and get them attested by the Head of your Department.
The National Eligibility Test (NET) has now become compulsory for anyone who wants to teach at the College Level in India. Getting the NET certificate may seem as an elusive dream for many, but a little bit of preparation may turn it into reality. We have tried to compile a list of tips which might help you succeed!

 The NET is held twice a year - in June and December. The forms are available in the Employment news and also at the UGC Website. Check the website first for the forms, instructions, etc. This will tell you all that you need, to apply for the test. 

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I. Teaching Aptitude

1. Which of the following is the mainobjective of teaching?
(a) To give information related to the syllabus.
(b) To develop thinking power of students.
(c) To dictate notes to students.
(d) To prepare students to pass the examination.

2. Which one of the following is a goodmethod of teaching?
(a) Lecture and Dictation
(b) Seminar and Project
(c) Seminar and Dictation
(d) Dictation and Assignment

3. Teacher uses teaching aids for
(a) Making teaching interesting.
(b) Making teaching within understanding level of students.
(c) Making students attentive.
(d) The sake of its use.

4. effectiveness of teaching depends on
(a) Qualification of teacher.
(b) Personality of teacher.
(c) Handwriting of teacher.
(d) Subject understanding of teacher.

5. Which of the following is notcharacteristic of a good question paper?
(a) Objectivity
(b) Subjectivity
(c) No use of vague words
(d) Reliable

II. Research Aptitude

1. A researcher is generally expected to:
(a) Study the existing literature in a field
(b) Generate new principles and theories
(c) Synthesize the ideas given by others
(d) Evaluate the findings of a study

2. One of the essential characteristic ofresearch is:
(a) Replicability
(b) Generalizability
(c) Usability
(d) Objectivity

3. The Government of India conductsCensus after every 10 years. The medthod of research used in this process is:
(a) Case study
(b) Developmental
(c) Survey
(d) Experimental

4. An academic association assembled at oneplace to discuss the progress of its work and future plans. Such an assembly isknown as a
(a) Conference
(b) Seminar
(c) Workshop
(d) Symposium

5. An investigator studied the census datafor a given area and prepared a write-up based on them. Such a write-up iscalled:
(a) Research paper
(b) Article
(c) Thesis
(d) Research report